Thursday, January 8, 2009

Quick Update! :D

Kiriyama Happy Ending....


It was.. just so strange. xD

Like... The THING -wink wink-... and the other shit... @_@

It took me FOREVER to figure out why I couldn't get her good path ending. XD

BUT, I finally did. <3

The rest of Aeka's path to go and I'm done. I can't believe it's taking me THIS long to play games... What can I say? I'm just not a total speed demon when it comes to Visual Novels like Miki is.... I get distracted by other things REALLY easily. xD

Peace Out. <3

Monday, January 5, 2009

Yaoi (Manga) Review: .I.D.O.L.

IDOL cover

Title: .I.D.O.L.
Author/Manga-ka: Dany&Dany
Distributer: Yaoi Press
For Purchase: Yaoi Press Store
Price: $8.95 (plus shipping)
Series Number: "One-Shot"

Alright, this is my first review of a manga, so let's see how this goes. :D

I.D.O.L. is basically about an Artist who seeks inspiration and finds it in a Hustler. Soon after hiring him, dangerous sparks fly between the two of them, and they soon find themselves drawn to each other and spinning out of control. 

Dany&Dany's art is amazing. I love how they are very detailed with their work. With every turn of a page, I felt as if I was sucked into the story! I was very glad to see the amount of detail that seemed to go into drawing the human form and clothing. It's something I've noticed in a lot of Yaoi manga I read, but the male body is never really drawn in detail. And I'm not talking about certain anatomy that's usually covered up by shining lights, either. Danny&Danny's art is just wonderful; I even bought their Art Book! I'm really close to getting addicted to the art of their manga. But, as amazing as the art was, this particular manga had a slightly fuzzy look to it; including the actual text of the manga itself. Overall: 7.5/10

Storyline: If you like light-hearted, funny, cute stories, this manga is not for you, and I love that fact! I'm so used to there being really shallow mellow-drama in lots of yaoi manga, this was actually refreshing. It's dark, with an artist fixated on painting a hustler who serves as the best inspiration he has had in a while. I really love the dialogue and all of the different elements that were included in this manga. Mild bondage and steamy scenes made me happy. :) Overall: 9/10

The "Squee" Factor: BAH! I loved this manga in the sense of the "Squee" factor. There was a nice amount of sex in this manga, a few scenes. Not enough to make me faint from the amount of them, but not too few to where I was bashing my head into the wall from all the sexual tension. They weren't just thrown in, either. The build up was just excellent, I have to say. Overall: 10/10

The Cover: I think that the boy's pose is sexy, the background was a nice touch, and the description of the manga itself is perfect. 5/5

- - OVERALL: 91%; Very Exceptional- - 

Afterthoughts: Sometimes when I'm done with a manga, I decide to sell it to Book-Off (I live relatively close to one [sort of xD]). In this case.... Yeah, no. It's adorable, and I love it! This baby's going on the Keep Shelf!