Saturday, August 1, 2009

Lucky Star! Collector's Box 1

Yeah, I saw it at Fry's when I went today, and my mom took sympathy on me or something and got it for me. @_@

It's actually an AMAZING box! I never actually thought that the "Special" Lucky Star boxes would be this nice, it closes by magnet... Which I think the Haruhi box set does too, but hell if I know.

I'm really excited, since I've wanted to collect Lucky Star for a little while now, and it's also been FOREVER since I've posted here. xD It's not on purpose; I have no idea why it's been so neglected, lol!

I'll probably be singing Motteke! Sailor Fuku for a few hours now that I have it; one of the CDs comes with it....

WELL, I'm off to do cooking homework for now, but I'll blog later, I have to catalog all my anime and stuff since I've been cleaning my room. I need to blog more, this is actually fun. xD