Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Yaoi (Manga) Review: I Can't Stop Loving You!

Title: I Can't Stop Loving You!
Author/Manga-ka: Row Takakura
Distributor: KittyMedia
Price: 10.99 (Plus Shipping)
Series Number: 1 out of 2
Country Of Origin: Japan

Woo! My Second Yaoi Review. :)

So, this story deals with a Buddhist exorcist by the name of Kyouji. He's very good at what he does, but he can't actually SEE the ghosts he expels. That, he leaves to his best friend and lover-- Yu. Together, the duo work their way through many ghosts as well as their relationship which they keep to themselves in this crazy fantasy/occult romance manga!

Art: Very nice, wonderful detail. While reading it, I loved how it was easy to tell the difference between most of the characters. There was one instance in the later chapters of the manga where I was completely confused about which character was which in a certain situation, but it was quickly cleared up. Taking a second look at it, I also have to note that while the art is amazing and wonderful, it is rather on the plain, blended side of things. I feel like I've seen this particular art style way too many times. This is great art, but nothing that I've never seen before. Overall: 7/10

Storyline: It's fresh and inventive and very creative. The idea of a Buddhist monk-type character partnered with another man is very nice and a bit on the forbidden fruit side; making the whole concept just that much hotter. The character development is adequate; I'm just glad this manga isn't filled with air-headed himbos; those are very scary. Another enjoyable element of this manga is how Yu and Kyouji's problems as a couple exist in strange and funny ways. Yu's super-human strength is a problem in bed and they open the manga with a real laughing bomb in my opinion. I can't wait until I can read volume 2! Overall: 10/10

The "Squee" Factor: Um...I'd like to say right off the bat that there are plenty of Squee moments in I Can't Stop Loving You! There's a vast amount of these moments, and they're very Squee-rific. But, some of the Squee moments contain little things that potentially ruin the whole moment if the reader is in a certain mood. Hot, sweaty and steamy definitely describe this manga's many sex scenes, but they're nothing too amazing; making is seem like interestingly placed outright porn rather than a nice Yaoi scene. Overall: 6/10

The Cover: Having Kyouji in his monk garb for this cover shot was a really good idea. The text for the title is easy on the eye and adorable in its little heart. The pink background was what made me pick this manga up when I was in the local manga shop because I don't remember the last time I've seen a pink cover for a yaoi. Overall: 4/5

- - OVERALL: 77%: Average - - 

After Thoughts: I gave it an average score, and I have to stick with that. I mean, it's a really nice concept and everything about the characters is great! I just, don't think it stands out THAT much compared to some of the other yaoi I've read over the years. I'll still get the next volume; maybe that'll change my opinion of this little title. :)