Friday, August 22, 2008

Densha Otoko Dorama

Okay, we all know that there's the movie Densha Otoko.

It's about an otaku who saves as girl from a drunk guy on a train, gets a present from her and posts a plea for help on 2chan. 

WELL, I just started watching the Dorama (on, and...


..... I fell into a hole of "GOD DAMN IT."

If you understand what I mean, let me cry on your shoulder, if not, here's a yourube link to the first part of the first episode on youtube... And maybe you'll get why I'm in a state of shaking my head at myself. T_T

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Vocaloid - Miku Figure Music Box Set of 2

WELL, I'm very excited because I found this set of "music boxes" of Hatsune Miku... OMG might i say, I am VERY excited about them. They're a set of two, and Miki and I are going to split the price since we each want one. I want the one that is obviously leekspin! We're going to order these as soon as we possibly can afford them, it's like twenty bucks each, so heeey, that'll be soon....

I also need headphones, but that's another random tangent all together! xD

Friday, August 8, 2008


  • Title: Animamundi
  • Type: Otome
  • Author: Karin Entertanment
  • Genre: Fantasy/Occult (Type: Alchemy)
  • Style: Visual Novel (Interactive)
  • Engine: Macromedia Flash
  • Mac OS Compatible: YES
  • Price: $19.95 ($5 shipping)
  • Get: Buy from Jbox!!
Animanumdi is a bit dark, and it focuses on the ancient form of Alchemy. The main character's sister is in need of magical help, and the main character dives into the mixed world of science and Alchemy in order to save her. All the while uncovering all sorts of secrets and dangers that threaten Georik's (main character) existence.

GRAPHICS: The game is littered with detailed CGs and individual standing dolls. I really enjoyed the richness of the colors and detail in the costumes each character is adorned with. The CGs are wonderful, and they give the player a sense of awe. There are very few complaints I had about the graphics while I played except for the little bits where a lot of the standing dolls' silhouettes were a little fuzzy, but unless you're (like me XD) a person who obsesses over fine details like that, you won't notice. 9/10

MUSIC/SFX:  It is timed well, there is never moment in the game where you will feel that the music does not match what is going on. There is even moment in the game where I believe Latin lyrics are used in a chorus to add a creepy feel to the player's situation. The ONLY real problems I faced with the music would be that it sounds a bit muffled. Like if you are listening to a radio and you turn the treble down ALL the way. It makes the music less amazing, BUT it doesn't take away THAT much. The SFX are really great, cute and funny. However, they do at times tend to sound like they came straight from the old synth you have buried in your closet. 8/10

STORY: The story is very nice. It's rich and is FILLED with twists and turns and crazy problems. Karin basically stuffed everything they possibly could (evil scientist, problems with royalty, etc.) while STILL making it all work in the end. However, with there being so much going on, it is EXTREMELY difficult to get the really nice ending that you know you want right from the start of the game. Also, being that this game is listed under the "Boy's Love" genre, and I am a hardcore yaoi fan, I was much disappointed because when I'm told I'm getting Boy's Love, I AT LEAST expect a LITTLE hugging or kissing. However... I felt very sad after the game was over. I read around and found that Karin did major unwanted editing to the English game of Animamundi due to worries over sales due to a high maturity rating; so I'm going going to curse Karin with my newly acquired Alchemic powers. Those of you wanting a rich, deep story line, pick this game up! If  you're looking for something a little more hardcore, look for another game. 7/10

SYSTEM/EXTRAS: The main screen is the generic load/start/Config. screen. The crazy part is, unless you know where the choice points are, DO NOT think that you can lean back and relax while playing this game, because your time to answer a choice is limited. The extras aren't really there, you get a gallery of what you've gathered so far and access to CGs that you've already seen. I guess it could be considered a cosplayer's friend and if you're into CG galleries, but I would've liked to see a mini game other than the iffy ones that are present in the game. 2/5

Total Score: 86% -- B

Monday, August 4, 2008

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

Well, I tried playing through the whole game in the English patch I have, but alas on day 9 (I THINK), it switches to Japanese, and after four hours of attempting to at least understand the GIST of what was going on, I got lost and everything blew up in my face. I'd have a better grasp of the rest of the game if I was like Miki and had super kanji power... or at least a better grasp of Japanese, haha!

WELL, at least I played through all of the english patch that I do have, haha!

It's a REALLY good visual novel so far, Miki told me it was freaky, and weeell, while I say that I'm not as freaked as when I played Fatal Frame II for the first time (shut up! I was scary! XD), I'd have to say that this VN is pretty thump-thump. (<-- heart beat faster lol) 

WELL, While I attempt to TRY and get a basic gist of what's going on in the rest of the VN, I'll also be PRAYING that I can get XP soon so I can start my yaoi game. =) 

AND, I'm getting ready to write a little "yay and nay" on Animamundi. =) I've gotten 10 out of the 12 endings, so just a little more and I'll spill my thoughts on it. 

EDIT (9-4-08 10:08 PM): Well... There's a patch for up to day 13? Damn it! I'm going to go find it. x3