Monday, August 4, 2008

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

Well, I tried playing through the whole game in the English patch I have, but alas on day 9 (I THINK), it switches to Japanese, and after four hours of attempting to at least understand the GIST of what was going on, I got lost and everything blew up in my face. I'd have a better grasp of the rest of the game if I was like Miki and had super kanji power... or at least a better grasp of Japanese, haha!

WELL, at least I played through all of the english patch that I do have, haha!

It's a REALLY good visual novel so far, Miki told me it was freaky, and weeell, while I say that I'm not as freaked as when I played Fatal Frame II for the first time (shut up! I was scary! XD), I'd have to say that this VN is pretty thump-thump. (<-- heart beat faster lol) 

WELL, While I attempt to TRY and get a basic gist of what's going on in the rest of the VN, I'll also be PRAYING that I can get XP soon so I can start my yaoi game. =) 

AND, I'm getting ready to write a little "yay and nay" on Animamundi. =) I've gotten 10 out of the 12 endings, so just a little more and I'll spill my thoughts on it. 

EDIT (9-4-08 10:08 PM): Well... There's a patch for up to day 13? Damn it! I'm going to go find it. x3

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Jyuichi said...

The Higurashi patch is up to day 13 right now^^; Try downloading a new patch and place those files over the old ones)