Friday, August 22, 2008

Densha Otoko Dorama

Okay, we all know that there's the movie Densha Otoko.

It's about an otaku who saves as girl from a drunk guy on a train, gets a present from her and posts a plea for help on 2chan. 

WELL, I just started watching the Dorama (on, and...


..... I fell into a hole of "GOD DAMN IT."

If you understand what I mean, let me cry on your shoulder, if not, here's a yourube link to the first part of the first episode on youtube... And maybe you'll get why I'm in a state of shaking my head at myself. T_T

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Jyuichi said...

It took you waaay too long to be sucked in to Densha Otoko. I haven't seen the Dorama yet (I'm even less fond of streaming sites than I downloading sites*) but the original material is quite a read ^^

*last time I watched fansubs I ended up buying the entire R2 set, a limited edition videogame, a couple magazines, and 3 books. My wallet begs me to not watch any more -_-