Friday, July 18, 2008

Little Busters Puzzle

Hello all! I'm taking time out of doing an extra credit project and studying for a test tonight to play Higurashi and tell you about one of the things I got along with my WONderful Little Buster's G's Festival! magazine.

(Just in case, here's a picture of this puzzle of awesome)


Yes, it was an adorable two hours I spent putting the pieces of Sasami and Konami. In between gasping for breath because I was squeeing so much, my opinions of this puzzle are very high. It's color and texture are amazing, as to expect with and of the LB puzzles I've seen (my friend own a few of them). Even though I don't have the actual game yet, and I need to BootCamp XP on my mac before I can (damn my life there), I can hardly wait until Ecstasy comes out! I'm also looking foreword to ComiCon International; I'm going to be on the lookout for anything I've wanted that I can get my hands on, within financial reason, of course!


Jyuichi said...

Hehe yes my dear puzzle collection. I did this puzzle again this morning and it took maybe an hour no picture (second time through it however).

The real question is... Sasami or Komari?

oAki-SAMAo said...

Oh goodness, I do not know who to chose!

... They're both so adorable and sekushi na XD

I think I might go for the moe though. XD