Sunday, April 18, 2010

Quick After Thoughts: Planetarium **Spoilers!**


I'm FINALLY done with Planetarium....

And I sort of have that feeling after you've cried for hours thinking that life is so utterly pointless that you really have no reasons to stay.

Don't worry, I eventually snapped out of it, but Planetarium really was one of the saddest games, eroge or not, I've ever played.

It doesn't come close to Aries' death in Final Fantasy VII, but Reviere's death at the end of the game is just really saddening... and made me have that, "Why, God?" feeling.

This is the first key game I've ever played, and it makes me both scared and excited to play more. Scared because I know for a fact that I'll cry my little eyes out, but I'm still excited to see where it goes. I just think that the way the main character eventually grew fond of Reviere, the little robot girl just doing her job for 30 years, is so adorable. The theme of the whole game just make me teary eyed really fast, and the music only made the streams of tears that much quicker. xD

I need to play a more cheery game.

But, I can't wait to try out Little Busters! now. xD

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