Sunday, September 14, 2008

Absolute Obedience (18+)

Title: Absolute Obedience (Zettai Fukuju Meirei)
Type: Yaoi/Boy's Love/BL
Author/Publisher: Yura/JAST USA/Peach Princess
Genre: Thriller/Adventure/Dating Sim/???
Style: Visual Novel (Interactive)
Mac OS Compatible: NO
Price: $34.95 (before Shipping)

Warning: THIS GAME IS 18+!

Alright, so Absolute Obedience is a game that dips into dark themes as well as slapstick humor. You have the choice to play as one of two characters, and the paths you play as each character (Louise Hardwich and Kia WelBehenna) really does reflect on the character's personality. These two men work together as they complete missions from clients that deal with sexual situations including seduction, domination, and plenty of other types of situations.

Graphics: Alright, I understand that in Japan, you are required to censor the...well... Private parts.... of the male anatomy. However... in the "uncensored" version of the game that I bought, I was a little sad when I saw my first CG. I actually had my friend over to play the game (since I FINALLY GOT XP for my Mac) and we were puzzled. To us, they SCREAMED "copy paste penis!", and we were just a little annoyed with that. However, one we looked past that problem, the CGs were nice. Not breathtakingly amazingly gorgeous, but each CG was quality and nice to look at. But there is also a problem that I had with the standing dolls. When the speech text appears, the picture of the character appears next to it to show the emotion, while the standing doll DOES NOT CHANGE. EVER. That really just made me think it was visually unappealing, and half the game doesn't even need half the screen.  Overall: 6/10

Music/SFX: ..... Okay, I need to start off this section of my review with: Music needs to enhance the moment, NOT kill it. There were so many times in this game when I wanted to throw my mouse across the room because the moment I got into the game. It would play the silliest music at the most serious times, and at one point while I was playing, I had to walk away because the music OR sound effect just completely turned be off from the game play. I think this game could've had much better in that department. But, on the other hand, I loved the character voices, they were totally appropriate to the visual aspect of each man. I wasn't extremely impressed overall in this area, but I wasn't too disappointed. Overall: 7/10

Story: I'm usually really nit-picky about story lines and plots, and this game is no exception. This game is set up in missions, and it's rather a "Hit or Miss" set-up if you don't have a walkthrough and want to get the "secret" final mission for both characters. I am the type that refuses to use a walkthrough for my first time through games, and with Absolute Obedience, I especially had a hard time. Everything was a big mess, and it seems to have been more of a game to play a little piece at a time and only when you need a quick yaoi fix. The underlying story line is only present in a few of the missions, and the others seemed like they were just thrown in. As a mission select style game, I wasn't very happy with how it turned out. Overall: 7/10

System/Omake: It's really hard to play this game sometimes, because the regular quick loading and saving seem to work differently in this game. Also, when I had finished Louise's final path, I couldn't use my current file to play Kia's final path no matter what I tried to do, and I had to start a whole new file and work my way through all of the paths in the correct order JUST to play Kia's final path. The programmers should have thought of that, in my opinion. The Omake for this game... kind of made me giggle. I was happy that I got to watch events that I had already played so I could see specific parts that I loved, and I was happy with the CG gallery. The only awkward part of this gallery was the thumbnails for every picture wasn't... fixed for the American  version. I had a little trouble finding certain CGs because I couldn't see the copy paste parts... Overall: 2/5

After Thoughts: Well, I don't think that this game was the best one I will ever play. It gave me more of an "only play this game when you need a quick fix". I was worried halfway through the missions of the game, and my worries seemed to manifest themselves in Louise and Kia. I can't go much into what I thought was wrong with each character, because I don't want to spoil it for anyone. This game WAS GOOD. Do NOT think I hate it with a flying passion, I just think that this is a niche name, and you need to be in love with a certain type of... well... sex. This game is worth a play once through at least, and if you're into drawing yaoi, then this game will give you plenty of ideas for your own artwork!

~Overall Grade: 62%: D~

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