Saturday, September 6, 2008

Ookina Furudokei

Rawr! My second (laaame) song I've uploaded to my YouTube Account! It's "Grandfather Clock", a really nice Japanese song. =)

I might do Sen no Kaze Ni next, but I don't want to give Miki that satisfaction. xD


Jyuichi said...

Just for the record, its the Japanese adaptation of "My Grandfather's Clock" a Western song. I prefer the Japanese version myself :3

The Japanese version changes the lyrics from 90 years to an even one hundred

oAki-SAMAo said...

God, you just HAVE to totally bash me and correct me all the time. XD God. You make me hate my own life. <3 <3 <3

Just kidding. Thanks for the info, I was going to look it up, but bleh. I was waaaay too lazy too. <3

I didn't know that. Mainly because I just listened to the English Original version, and it doesn't make me smile as much as the Japanese version does.

Thank you Miki you Wikipedia addict you! =)